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Sales & Service Support

Tim Eltschlager
Internet Manager

Raised in Sylvania, Tim has been at Yark Automotive since 1993. In his role at Yark, he enjoys helping customers solve their automotive needs and services. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling in the west, and fitness. When it comes to cars, Tim's favorite is the 1978 Bandit Trans Am.

Brittany Chase
Sales & Service Support Advisor

From Metamora, OH, Brittany has been at Yark Automotive since 2017. Her favorite part of her position is helping customers and solving their needs. Prior to Yark, Brittany worked for Chrysler. In her free time, she enjoys reading, and spending time with her friends and family, especially her children. Her favorite car is the Chevy Camaro.

Shiretta Grier
Kelly Blue Book Purchasing Agent

Leslie Oberhaus
Sales & Service Support Advisor

From Kansas, OH, Leslie has been at Yark Automotive since 2016. Her favorite part of her position is working and building relationships with her co-workers. Her first job was serving at the Pie House in Bettsville, OH. In her free time, she enjoys crocheting, art, and music.

Naomi Ebert
Sales & Service Support Advisor

Sarah Hackett
Sales & Service Support Advisor

From Sylvania, Sarah has been at Yark since 2019. Outside of work, she enjoys hockey, crafting, floral design, art, nature, and cheering on Detroit sports. Her favorite car is the Jeep Trailhawk.

Elizabeth Studer
Sales & Service Support Advisor

From Weston, OH, Elizabeth has been at Yark since 2019. She enjoys getting to know her co-workers, and meeting new people. She loves Disney, reading, swimming, and French fries. Her favorite car is the Toyota RAV4.


Toyota Sales & Service Support

Andrea Loch
Sales & Service Support Advisor

From Toledo, Andrea has been at Yark since 2015. Outside of work, Andrea enjoys baking, and running.


Operators & Greeters

Ellie Selders
Main Operator

When it comes to sales and service, we've got a full complement of staff members who are eager to assist in the process in any way they can. We hold customer service as a very high priority and we've been recognized for doing so! At Yark Automotive Group dealerships, we'll do our best to make sure you leave happy with the right car for you and financing that you'll love. After leaving our dealership, so many of our customers are eager to return for great deals on service. 

If you're curious about our dealership, inventory, specials, coupons or anything else, please explore our website or visit our dealership today! We'll be here and ready to help you with anything you may need whether you're still early in the carbuying process or you're ready to sign on the dotted line.