Product: GAP Insurance

Q: Why do I need GAP insurance if I've never had a total loss accident before?

A:  Our focus here at Yark Auto is to ensure the very best ownership experience. Not just today, but from the time you buy until the time you are ready for your next purchase. The problem with an auto purchase is the initial depreciation of your vehicle. Not only are you losing value of your vehicle as soon as you drive off the lot but there are also taxes, fees, and interest associated with your loan. Also, concerning a total loss, only half of total losses are the driver's fault. We cannot control the other people who are out there driving on the roads. When insurance is only guaranteed to pay actual cash value, GAP insurance gives our customers peace of mind that not only the remaining balance of their loan is paid off but it also pays off their comprehensive deductible. This leaves your credit untarnished with no out of pocket obligation and the freedom of getting a new car immediately. 

Q: My insurance company has GAP Insurance, I don't need it.

A: While some insurance companies offer replacement coverage, they have limitations to what amount they truly can cover. The highest replacement coverage I have verified with an insurance company is 105%. The problem with their coverage is they do not know the amount you are financing so there is no way for them to guarantee the actual loan is paid in full. Also, you remain liable for an out of pocket deductible. Our Gap Insurance actually guarantees 135% of the vehicle and covers your deductible so you have $0 out of pocket liability. 

Q: Why should I insure against my collision deductible?

A: Our finance program is in place to minimize out of pocket, unexpected costs for our customers. With our CDPP plan, the peace of mind is we pay your deductible and you can bring it to any A.S.E.-certified body shop that guarantees their work for a lifetime, with no fluctuations in your month-to-month budget.

Product: Key Replacement

Overview: Key/remote fob replacement benefit in the event of a lost, stolen, or destroyed key. 60-month program with unlimited mileage restrictions on new and pre-owned vehicles. $500 annual benefit. Nationwide coverage, including Canada. Program includes roadside assistance.


Q: Are my keys covered under the factory warranty? 

A: No, not for lost, stolen or destroyed keys: i.e. dropping the keys in the swimming pool

Q: How much would it cost to get a key if lost or stolen? 

A: Depending on the year/make/model of the vehicle, keys cost can range from $100 to several hundred dollars. Our replacement program has a $0 deduct.

Q: How many keys come with my car? 

A: All new cars will come with two keys from the manufacturer. Pre-owned vehicles typically come with both sets, but are not guaranteed!

Product: BMW Tire and Wheel


Q: Why do I need tire and wheel coverage? I've never had an issue in the past.

A: We completely understand where you're coming from but that's exactly the reason to buy BMW Tire and Wheel. In the event that you blow out a tire or bend a rim, BMW Tire and Wheel will take care of the issue. When you drive more than 15,000 miles a year you are putting your tires and rims more at risk than the average consumer. Tire and wheel damage is one of the most common service trips at BMW of Toledo and we all know the road conditions in this area are terrible with the construction seasons that we deal with on a yearly basis. 

Q: Why pay $20-$30 more a month when I can just take the risk and self-insure them?

A: Well, ask yourself these questions: When was the last time that you had a flat? Do you remember how you felt? BMW vehicles have run-flat tires and are not repairable. With BMW tire and wheel, not only does it give you monetary relief but it also gives you emotional relief. In the event of a flat, the tire will be replaced at a $50 deductible and all of the guess work is thrown out the window. Our tire and wheel program gives you peace of mind with roadside assistance and towing. 

Product: Certified Pre-Owned; Wrap, VSC


Q: Isn't the certified coverage that comes with it already good enough?

A: The powertrain coverage that comes with your vehicle is fantastic. It's covering components on the vehicle that don't break often at all but when they do, are very pricey to fix. What the CPO Wrap coverage does for your vehicle is that it covers the components that break more frequently. There's a reason the manufacturer only covers electronics for three years/36,000 miles; you can't maintain the electronics like you can the mechanical parts. We want to make sure if something happens that is out of your control, we're standing behind your purchase and taking care of the repairs. 

Q: What exactly does this cover?

A: The coverage covers almost all of the mechanical and electrical components of your vehicle. It works the same way as the original three-year/36,000-mile coverage that comes with brand new cars. Aesthetic items like the paint and fabric won't be covered and either would wearable items like brake pads and the windshield wipers. What it does do though is it gives you the peace of mind knowing that 84 months/100,000 miles from the vehicles first purchase date, you're having brand-new car coverage on a used vehicle.

Q: Do I have to bring the vehicle back here?

A: One of the best parts about our coverage with Ethos is that its nationwide coverage. If you're outside of 50 miles of our dealership, as long as an ASE-certified mechanic is doing the repairs we'll handle the reimbursement without any issues. All we ask is that you give us a call before the repair process starts so we can arrange with the repair company, of your choosing, how we'll handle the repairs and get you in your rental vehicle.

Product: Lease Warranties


Q: Do I need a warranty if I am leasing my vehicle?

A: Like anything mechanical, a vehicle is a machine with thousands of moving parts that could malfunction.  It is also why most manufacturer's cover only the first 36 months or 36,000 miles of the customer's ownership.  if your lease extends outside of the manufacturer's warranty, for example 39 months and 39,000 miles, then it would be a smart idea to protect yourself from any unexpected repairs on your vehicle at lease end. If you think about it, there are so many computers and electronics in a car today, some are not even necessary to operate a vehicle, but if one of those parts go out during the last 3 months of your lease, then as a consumer you would have to pay for the both the parts and labor to get the vehicle in the proper condition to be turned in, and nobody wants to invest money into something they don't get to keep.

Q: Why do I need a vehicle service contract if I am buying a brand NEW vehicle, are you selling me a bad product?

A: Here are Yark Automotive, we pride ourselves at selling some of the best product lines in the business, but like anything mechanical in this world, they are going to break at some point in time, the question is simply when.  We don't build the cars here at Yark Automotive so we can't guarantee you will never have to fix it, but neither can a manufacturer which is why they put a limit, usually 36 months or 36,000 miles whichever comes first, on how long they will cover any kind of repairs.  They have done their homework year after year and know that after those first 3 years or 36,000 miles that the likelihood of a repair increases greatly, as well as the cost, since the price of parts and labor increases every year with inflation.  It is always a great idea to add a vehicle service contract  to a new vehicle if you plan on keeping it past the manufacturer's warranty, since at that point in time, the consumer's takes over all the risk involved in owning their vehicle.  The best time to purchase a vehicle service contract is when a car is brand new, because the car is at the point when it is the least risky to insure.  You will be able to get the best price, longest term, and most mileage available on the vehicle as well.

Q: Can't I add a service contract right before my manufacturer's warranty is up?

A: Absolutely, but there are a few drawbacks to doing this.  First, you are no longer purchasing a warranty on a brand new car with no miles.  You are buying a vehicle service contract on a used car with mileage on it, so the risk of a repair is greater.   It also means that the vehicle service contract will cost more, since it is more risky, the length of the contracts available won't be as long, and the max mileage available will be shorter.  The best time to purchase a vehicle service contract is when it has low mileage and it is virtually brand new.

Q: Why do I need  a service contract on a USED car if you inspected it, are you selling me a bad car?

A: Here at Yark Automotive, we inspect every car we put on the lot to the best of our abilities, but unfortunately some things are out of our control.  We can inspect the parts of a car and make sure they are in good condition, but we have no idea on the previous owner, drove, maintained, and treated this vehicle before us. We also did not build the car, so the best thing we can do is inspect the vehicle thoroughly, back our inspection by providing a 30-day 50% parts and 50% labor powertrain only warranty, and providing our customers with the option to purchase one of our vehicle service contracts, to give them the peace of mind that even if something does go wrong, they can come right back to us and we will take care of it.

Q: I am buying a CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED vehicle, why do I need a service contract?

A: Buying a certified pre-owned car is a great idea to not only get the backing of Yark Automotive group that this vehicle has been thoroughly inspected, but also the manufacturer.  When a vehicle is certified by the manufacturer they coming with an additional powertrain warranty to cover the larger engine parts that can be very costly to fix.  The only issue is the fact, that as cars no a days have more electronics and bells and whistles, that still leaves a large portion of the car without any coverage, and they can still be very costly to fix.  The best part about buying an additional vehicle service contract on a certified pre-owned vehicle is the fact that they costs will be much cheaper than a standard pre-owned service contract because you have the powertrain covered by the manufacture and everything else covered by us!

Q:What kind of vehicle service contract should I get?

A: Great question, here at Yark Automotive we like to give our customers as many options as possible, because every customer is unique and we want to find the best way to serve each individual's needs.  We offer the GOOD, BETTER, and BEST  approach to our vehicle service contracts:                                                     

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