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CO-OP Farming is coming to Yark Automotive Group
by Yark

Yark Automotive Group is partnering with Ber-Gust Farms out of Waynesfield, Ohio (near Lima) to bring fresh, clean-organically grown fruits and vegetables to our employees and our customers. 

Our lifestyles have played a leading role in illness and disease and a large portion of healthcare spending in the US can be attributed to unhealthy eating habits. A well balanced diet of fruits and vegetables is an important, easy step to a healthy lifestyle. Ber-Gust farms is working with Yark Automotive Group to bring fresh, pesticide free, locally grown produce to us right here in Toledo. 

Every Wednesday starting approximately the first week in June (dependant on weather and growing conditions), our employees and customers will be able to pick up 'shares' of the crops produced on Ber-Gust Farms. Hand picked and packaged just for us, your half- share for $12 or a full share for $22 will be full of clean-organically grown and ripe fruits and vegetables. 

If you are interested in purchasing a 'share' as part of this wellness program, please contact Warren Vess, Marketing Director at Yark Automotive Group for more information and enrollment. Warren Vess 419-842-7722, wvess@yarkauto.com. Or find more information on Ber-Gust Farms at www.ber-gustfarms.net or on Facebook at Ber-Gust Farms.  

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