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What You Need to Know about Vehicle Recalls

While every effort is taken by automakers to ensure that vehicles are manufactured to exacting standards by implementing strict quality control processes, there are times when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or even the vehicle manufacturer itself is obligated to initiate vehicle recalls. The main reason for a recall is usually due to the vehicle or part of the vehicle having a defect that does not meet minimum safety requirements and is found…
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Is Your Car Air Conditioning Trying to Tell You Something?


It's that time of year when the sweltering heat hits you with no escape, even in your car. This is when you need your car's air conditioning to work the most, but could if it’s sputtering, rattling or blowing hot air – is it trying to tell you something? One way to ensure that you don't need maintenance is to have it regularly serviced.

To catch any issues before they get out…

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Caring for a High-mileage Car is Easier than You Think: Here's How

Despite the fact that more than 17 million new cars were sold in the U.S. last year, many drivers are still choosing either to hold on to their car or are buying a vehicle with many miles already on the odometer. Research shows that the average vehicle on the road in the U.S. is 11.4 years old, and with vehicle technology advancing, this number is bound to go up.  

To get the…

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Use OEM Accessories to Make the Right Car the Perfect Car


When buying a car, you’ll probably be reading through long lists of features and gadgets some vehicles have and others don’t. It might be intimidating, but it’s a good idea and can get your imagination going in terms of what you may want in the vehicle you ultimately buy.

Unfortunately, it may not be possible to find the exact combination of vehicle features and capabilities you’d like in a new car…

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