Is Your Car Air Conditioning Trying to Tell You Something?


It's that time of year when the sweltering heat hits you with no escape, even in your car. This is when you need your car's air conditioning to work the most, but could if it’s sputtering, rattling or blowing hot air – is it trying to tell you something? One way to ensure that you don't need maintenance is to have it regularly serviced.

To catch any issues before they get out of hand, we suggest looking out for these five warning signs that could indicate it’s time to have your car’s air conditioning serviced professionally at your local trusted expert, Yark Automotive Group. These five common symptoms indicate it is time for an air-conditioning maintenance that will have your car back to normal in no time.

  1. Is your air conditioning blowing hot air all the time? This is a clear sign you should make an appointment and get it checked out immediately.

  2. Unpleasant odors almost never signal good news. If there is a persistent foul odor with no apparent cause coming from your air vents, mildew or mold may be growing in your vehicle's air-conditioning system. Get this checked out ASAP.

  3. All you should hear is the blower. If you hear strange noises like banging sounds or a rattling noise, you should have your system checked out to avoid further damage to your system.

  4. If you ever see water inside the vehicle, do not delay in getting an appointment for your vehicle to be looked out. This could indicate an internal mechanical leak that can damage electrical components, upholstery or cause other damage.

  5. Leaking refrigerant can’t be seen with the naked eye but you will start to notice a gradual decline in your car’s ability to cool you down like it used to. This is a good sign that coolant is leaking and you should get it looked to avoid more leaking into the air which is an environmental concern.

The Technicians at Yark Automotive Group can repair your Vehicle Air Conditioner

Keep a lookout for these five common symptoms your car may be trying to tell you. Don’t wait it out for winter or drive around in a hot car when the high temps come.  

Learn how to take care of your vehicle air conditioning by calling and making an appointment today. See just how quickly you’ll be back to driving in comfort thanks to the trusted service at Yark Automotive Group.

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